Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Goat Island Mountain (Mount Rainier)

Good to Get Out: Goat Island Mountain

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

Spent the day expecting rain, only to be happily let down. Our group hit the trail at 8am. We sat off for the east ridge with a goal of making a counter-clockwise loop meeting the trail below Summerland Camp. 

After a bit of bush whacking we found the climbers trail up the ridge. The trail fades in and out along the ridge. We hit packed snow around 5200'.

At 6400' we had the choice of following the rocky ridge or to drop a bit  to stay on snow. The group decided on snow. We were able to traverse along  looking for a nice way up to to the ridge. We found a nice snow finger to travel up to gain the ridge, we had a great view of our high point of the day, unnamed peak 7287. 

Looking back, we could've made staying on the ridge line work. But we went with dropping to avoid being on top of the steepest part of the ridge. That decision greatly depends on snow conditions and group comfort. 

Once gaining the high point, we ducked the wind for a nice lunch break complete with Swanny's Summit Surprises ™. We then headed along the ridge line towards the named summit. The threat of rain eased and the views of Little and Big Tahoma grew to be picture worthy.

Continuing along the ridge, down to 6000', we were able to spot the trail. The group made a beeline to intersect at 5500'. We then put away our shells, axes and helmets and were trail ready. Snow lingered on the trail longer than expected but it was a non-issue for the group. 

All in all, the group was pleased to stay dry and jazzed to see a new area of Mount Rainier NP.

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