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Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Entiat River Meadows & High Country

Beautiful low country and snow free but upper 6000ft is super cold and still 4-6 feet snow cover.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Lower valley was in great shape and despite old burn scars the valley is definitely making a comeback with new baby trees, green shoots, and birds.  Worth the views of classic WA East!

    more downed trees higher up beyond Myrtle Lake to Larch Lakes connector,  but nothing too difficult to walk around.  Lot of trees still have black soot scars and stain bright clothing and watch out for the shaggy sharp bark which cut holes in pants and bled our legs a little.

    two stream crossings behind Myrtle weren’t too difficult and walk over via larger log but still watched steps and used poles.

    upper larch lakes were amazing despite the strong winds in the large bowl and sub freezing conditions.  I think wind chill had us down to 24’ which we weren’t expecting for a spring / summer scramble.  We were just a tad chilly!

Due to slightly slower pace uphill with blowdowns and really cold cold weather and darkening skies “and” snowing most of the night and morning - we turned around at the Lakes and packed up camp Sunday morning.  We had a much less wind in the morning but even with snow on the trail the higher ridge was determined not worth the trip or second night.  We had hoped for clearing skies which weren’t available - Sat was actually better day and Monday maybe too?  We left back home later on Sunday.  We’ll definitely schedule a revisit later in the year.  However while there is still decent snow up there it didn’t impose much slowdown walking around without snowshoes - it was more the gloomy wet skies that dissuaded our hopes of summiting.  Rained a little too on us walking out.