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Alpine Scramble - Buell & Barrier Peaks

Rewarding 2 summit day, despite rain on lower stretches of route coming and going.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • >10 trees over trail starting after East side trail make travel more laborious.  Snow starting at Buell-Barrier saddle, and in lower 600' descending west ridge of Barrier.

Ascended to Buell-Barrier saddle from past last switchback, avoiding wet brush as able.  Most used ice axes here.  Easy walk to Buell summit.  Alternated snow and rock to snow free Barrier summit, where we had pretty good views to Double Peak, Tamanos, Gov Ridge and lower Cowlitz Chimneys despite an overall gloomy day.  Had lunch there in light snow.  Descended W ridge staying S of 6200' closed contours, then back to W ridge for nice plunge stepping down to valley.  Lots of fresh elk and goat sign, and bear tracks on snow in Owyhigh Lakes valley.  9:40 at relaxed pace with plenty of breaks.