Trip Report    

Alpine Scramble - Breccia Peak

Don't know why this beautiful scramble is not offered more often.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Part of the road to the TH is on hardpacked gravel in good shape.  Not a problem for any type of vehicle.  I used Goggle Maps to take me directly to the Lost Creek Ridge (#646) TH where there is a limited number of parking spaces.  The actual TH is about 30' down the road.    When I did this scramble a few weeks ago, the trail was in great condition.  Most of it was in snow this time.

We left the TH at 8:30am.  Trail in fine shape.  Thin layer of snow in the forest starting around 2800'.   Going at an easy pace and stopping often to take photos of the colorful vine maples in snow, we reached tree covered Bingley Gap (4500') around 11am.   At least 1-2" of snow here. 

We then continued on the snow covered trail heading east, sidehilling the south side of the ridge.  Soon we encountered more and more open areas where there was significantly more snow, over 12" as it was going past people's gaiters as they broke trail.  Once out of the trees, we were in 16-24" of new, beautiful snow.  Dramatic views of Mt Pugh, White Chuck to the NW and Sloan to the south with some low clouds.  

We take a short detour to the ridge where the trail then continues down to Round Lake - 1pm.  A great view of Round Lake with Breccia Peak rising above it can be seen from here.   Navigation is easy as we continue east although trail breaking in the deep snow is really slowing us down.   No one expected this much snow!  Snowshoes would have been a good call.

Once we're at the meadows about 100-150' below Sunup Lake, we know we won't make Breccia Peak at the rate we're going.     Some scramble some rocks to the lake, some decide to head back to the meadow with the co-leader.  We reach Sunup Lake at 3:15am, take a few photos and head back on what would be a bootpath when there is no snow to re-group.   B22459414_1490785987677074_1784814820126675478_o.jpgack at the cars around 7pm and stop for dinner in Darrington.  Excellent day with a great group.