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Alpine Scramble - Breccia Peak

Pretty good scramble - good workout. Slate-gray overcast with brief sun-breaks. Comfortable weather for climbing, but not much for views; all summits were in the clouds.

  • Road rough but passable
  • 6/12/16 (fairly low-snow year): Trail in very good condition. Reached snow @ 5,400 ft (just past the first of the 3 pinnacles S of Round Lake). Patchy snow on ridgetop of the 3 pinnacles. Snow was also patchy / thin / soft from Sunup Lake to summit the traverse of the NW-facing slope on the way was less than optimal; pretty steep for such shallow snow. Next time if snow is patchy I might try aiming to go straight up from Sunup L to the 2nd saddle S of the summit, and ridge-walk to the top. FS Road 49 was pretty smooth, but wet / muddy / slimy; tough to get traction with 2WD.

Were able to follow a good climber's trail directly up & over the 2nd pinnacle in patchy snow. After that, the best route (determined on the way back) was to ascend halfway up the 3rd pinnacle; then traverse to a point 30 ft above / W of Sunup Lake. (Do not attempt to go up & over the 3rd pinnacle - mossy & muddy ledges on E side.)  Took us a long time to negotiate the ledges on the 3rd pinnacle, and to ascend the patchy snow to the summit.  5.5 hrs up, 3:45hrs down.