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Alpine Scramble - Bedal Peak

Whiteout, and challenging bergschrunds in V-notch.

  • Road rough but passable
  • 6/10/17 (high snow year).  Did NW route (starting at Merry Brook).

    Road 4096 (alongside Merry Brook) pretty good conditions, although gravel getting rather loose - one front-wheel drive vehicle had tires spinning in spots and almost didn't make it.  AWD recommended.

    Climber's trail in good condition for a climber's trail.  Which means lots of deadfalls.

    Snowline at 4,600'.

    Very challenging trying to cross V-notch (above Nels Lake) in 4800-5000' range.  A couple ramps up the E wall of the gully used in the past would not go, due to bergschrunds / moats.  Had to improvise a different way up the E wall at a very challenging spot.   Would suggest that there is a narrow window during the year when my preferred ramp at ~5000' is inaccessible - after time when snow bridges are solid, and before time when snow has melted enough for moats to vanish.

    Whiteout conditions in snowfield on N side of peak.  Because snowfield is broad & gentle, and this route is not a simple "keep going up till you reach the top" (Bedal is the last & highest of multiple summits on the ridge), recommend being prepared for this with GPS & compass.