University of Washington: Seattle Campus

The quad has over a dozen cherry trees that are beautiful when in full bloom and of interest to both the photographer and naturalist. There is also some interesting architecture and artwork, and stairs that make for a good workout.

on the trail

Walk 2-5 miles on any of the trails and walkways on campus, route of Walk 7 in Seattle Stairway Walks, adding a trip on The Ave or a trip out to the Union Bay Natural Area (aka Montlake Fill).

on the campus

Suzzallo and Allen Library

An example of the Collegiate Gothic style, the library has many things that interest photographers:

  • The exterior of the library is composed of sandstone, precast stone, terra-cotta and brick, with a slate roof.  The windows are of leaded and stained glass.
  • Eighteen terra-cotta figures in niches atop buttresses.
  • Above the main doors stand figures of cast stone depicting "Mastery," "Inspiration" and "Thought."
  • A series of shields depicts coats of arms from universities around the world.
  • The Grand Staircase leads from the first to the third floors.
  • The Grand Stair Hall with a rotunda surrounded by stained glass windows.
  • The vaulted ceiling reveals a "batwing" – a system of steel reinforcing beams resembling the wing structure of a bat.
  • The Suzzallo Reading Room features a vaulted ceiling with vibrantly colored and gilded details.
  • Oak bookcases along the walls are topped with hand-carved friezes representing native plants of Washington State.
  • At each end of the reading room, hangs a hand-painted world globe.

Oceanography Building

Located on the Portage Bay side of the university campus, the Oceanography Building (OCE) houses the Puget Sound Model that was designed and built in the early 1950s as a research and teaching tool for understanding Puget Sound circulation patterns.

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Land Manager: University of Washington
  • Parking Permit Required: None
  • Recommended Party Size: 12
  • Maximum Party Size: 48
  • Maximum Route/Place Capacity: 12
  • Seattle City Map
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