Dragontail Peak/Aasgard Pass

A challenging 16 mile, 5,300 feet elevation gain scramble. Dragontail Peak is the highest peak in the Enchantments basin and the 5th highest scramble peak in the state with amazing 360-degree views.

getting there

From SR 2 in Leavenworth drive Icicle Creek Road (Forest Road 76) for 8.4 miles. Turn left on Eightmile Road (Forest Road 7601), about one mile past Eightmile Campground and signed Lake Stuart/Colchuck Lake.  Continue 3.8 miles to the trailhead (3,400 ft).

Approach & Ascent

Begin at the Lake Stuart-Colchuck Lake Trail (No. 1599). At about 2.5 mi (4,500 ft) there is a fork. The left goes to Colchuck Lake, right goes to Lake Stuart. Take the left fork and shortly you will cross Mountaineer Creek and begin the many switchbacks to Colchuck Lake. Stay on the west (right) side of the Lake and proceed to the south end where the trail ends and there are campsites.

Ascend southeast on a broad, steep slope to Aasgard Pass. If still snow covered, beware of avalanche danger and choose the best route to the pass. If snow free, there is a climber’s trail in the scree on the left side of the slope (look for cairns). From Aasgard Pass (7,800 ft), ascend southwest up the slope to the saddle at 8,500 ft. From the saddle, ascend northwest about 300 feet to the summit (8,840 ft). The summit is a small bedrock clump that drops on the north. The time from Colchuck Lake to the summit is 3-4 hours.

Alternate Approach: Hike the Snow Lakes Trail (No. 1553) off of Icicle Road. At 2.0 miles (2,800 ft) the climbers hangout, Snow Creek Wall, is on the right and at 5.5 miles (5,000 ft) reach Nada Lake. Good camp sites are  half way around the lake.  Continue on the trail for another mile and 400 feet of elevation gain to the dam between upper and lower Snow Lakes (5,400 ft). Camp sites can be found near the dam on the left and a mile or so further near the west end of the lake.  

From the Snowlake footbridge, head west along the enchantments main trail about 4.3 miles. Just beyond Isolation lake, turn southwest and ascend the slope to the saddle on east ridge (8,500 ft).  Once on the ridge turn northwest and ascend 300 feet to the summit (8,840 ft). The summit is a small bedrock clump that drops on the north.


  • The slope below the 8,500 ft saddle is often snow covered ice through the end of July  After then the bare ice makes this too dangerous to do this as a scramble.
  • The photo here was probably taken in early August, which is about when the run-out at the bottom of the steep slopes has changed from snow to rock.
  • Until early June, the slopes of Aasgard pass are snow covered. If you choose to glissade from the pass please ensure there is good run out before attempting the glissade since this has been the location of a number of fatalities over the years.
  • Dragontail is often lead in combination with Witches Tower. There is an easy traverse across the south facing slopes at about 8,500 ft between the peaks.
  • Camping permits are required at and above Colchuck Lake by mid-May
  • Difficulty: Strenuous 5, Technical 5
  • Length: 16.0 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 5,300 ft
  • 8,840 ft
  • Green Trails The Enchantments No. 209S
  • Green Trails Alpine Lakes East (Stuart Range) No. 208SX
  • USGS Enchantment Lakes
  • USGS Cashmere Mtn

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  • Dragontail Peak/East Ridge
  • Dragontail Peak via Snow Lakes

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