Columbia Hills

Hike through a historic area along the Columbia River Gorge. Part of the history are the pictographs and petroglyphs near Horsethief Lake.

Getting there

Vista Loop

Drive on SR-14 to ~11 miles east of Lyle and turn left (north) into the Crawford Oaks Trailhead (350 ft).

Tsagaglalal "She Who Watches" Petroglyphs

Drive on SR-14 to ~10 miles east of Lyle and turn right (south) onto the road to Horsetheif Lake. Continue to the petroglythps parking area past the campground.

On the trail

Vista Loop

6.4 miles round trip with 1,018 feet of elevation gain

Tsagaglalal "She Who Watches" Petroglyphs

short easy walk with minimal elevation gain

Perhaps the most well-known of all Washington petroglyphs is the large face known as Tsagiglalal, the Wishram word translated as "She who watches all who are coming and going." The Horsethief Lake section of the Columbia Hills Historical State Park is a National Historic Site. There are guided tours of the pictographs and petroglyphs, including the significant Tsagaglalal "She Who Watches" Petroglyphs. Contact the land manager for reservations.


  • Caution: Poison oak is present in the area. Know what it looks like, dress appropriately, and watch what you touch. 
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Length: 6.4 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 1,018 ft
  • 1,186 ft
  • Green Trails Columbia River Gorge East No. 432S
  • WA DNR Hood River
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  • Columbia Hills State Park
  • Columbia Hills Historical State Park
  • Columbia Hills Natural Area Preserve
  • Stacker Butte
  • The Dalles Mountain
  • Horsethief Butte
  • Tsagaglalal "She Who Watches" Petroglyphs
  • She Who Watches Petroglyphs
  • Tsalagal Petroglyphs

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