Pike Place Market


Urban Adventure - Pike Place Market

Photograph in and around the market.

  • For Beginners (Getting Started Series)

Meet at Rachel the Pig at 8am. This is before the official opening of the market, so we can get some shots of the vendors opening up.

First, the vendors are used to having cameras around and shooting within the market are is probably your first option. The Pike Place Fish Market  is what everyone comes to see as they throw the fish and entertain the audience. If you stand there long enough, you can see them throw a salmon or two as well. Also on the far right hand side of the stand towards the back, you have a good view of the fish laid out. The only challenge is metering with the light in the background, so you’ll want to overexpose a half to 3/4 stop or pop a flash to illuminate the foreground.

Once you get outside the market, you’ll see the musicians and performers called “Buskers”. They are there to entertain and do not mind having their photos taken. For most, this is their only income, so be kind with tips while taking photos. Don’t be afraid to get close, either with your telephoto lens or stepping closer. You want to frame in closer to capture the personality of the performers. Even look for details like the hands of the musicians or details of clothing or instruments.


Make this a scavenger hunt...take photos of the following things:

1. A fish in mid-air
2. A reptile stalking the produce
3. An ant's view of the market
4. Something gooey
5. Something that conveys music/sound
6. A pig that's not Rosie (hint, there are two others)
7. Something that shows depth of field
8. Neon lights
9. A charmed life (hint, it's a new market feature)
10. Sea creatures that aren't real
11. A tapestry made of metal (hint, it's new)


Pike Place Market

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Sturdy Shoes, camera, tripod, money for lunch.

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