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Urban Adventure - Cowen & Ravenna Parks

Experimental photography - painting with light

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  • Mileage: 3.0

Let's meet at 7pm at Ravenna Park at the picnic shelter. Sunset is at 7:40pm, so that gives us time to set up and discuss settings.

I've always wanted to photograph light painting. This is a chance for us to experiment with camera settings to take the best photos. We'll take turns behind our cameras and being the one to "paint" with a light. I found the following info online.

A) Definition- Painting With Light is a technique used to create lighting effects in- camera.
B) Technique- Having a tripod is a very important accessory when taking these kinds of pictures. Also, a remote is helpful so it enables you to release the shutter without being near the camera therefore distracting the picture. A flash is recommended so it is able to freeze certain elements.  The aperture has to be very low while the ISO has to be very high. Lastly, a very important thing you should do is wear dark clothing so you will not be able to appear in the shot.

Cowen & Ravenna Parks

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

  1. Flashlight or glow sticks
  2. Tripod
  3. Remote
  4. Camera
  5. Dark clothing
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