Sea Kayak - Tatoosh Island


Sea Kayak - Tatoosh Island

Advanced SK V paddle out of Hobuck or nearby, based on conditions

  • Sea Kayak V
  • Challenging
  • Mileage: 15.0 nm
  • Maximum Wind: 20 kts
  • Maximum Waves: 5 ft
  • Maximum Currents: 3 kts
  • Pace: 3

Meet at the ADVANCED sign-in camping area ready to paddle by 9am. We will review weather forecast to finalize where we are going based on conditions and group dynamics, dividing into smaller groups of up to 8 participants with 2 leaders each, if necessary as appropriate.

Advanced Paddles Objective: Explore Cape Flattery areas, as long as wind and surf conditions are within remit. We'll plan a trip for the advanced paddler based on the current forecast; expect to paddle up to 18 nm, 5 ft waves and surf, up to 20 kt winds. Hopefully less in all of those parameters!

Prior experience and comfort with surf and winds of that level, and Incident Management skills, is required.

Bring your love of dynamic water and the ability to roll.

Opportunities to Rock Garden will be explored - but not required. Enjoy the coast as you would like supporting others' pour-over attempts and similar.

Our targeted paddle destinations are the Cape Flattery area and Tatoosh Island (perhaps even beyond to Duncan Rocks on one of the days if weather/waves are mild). We may also launch out of Neah Bay if conditions constrain us, or go south toward Shi Shi Beach if the group prefers to explore a different area.

If I have not paddled with you before, please email me: your surf/dynamic water skills; your roll confidence; your last incident management practice and phone so we can talk beforehand. Thank you.

All participants must also sign up for the wider Seminar this Activity is a part of:


Hobuck Beach & Neah Bay

  • Custom Correct North Olympic Coast

    Green Trails Cape Flattery No. 98S

    MapTech Cape Flattery to Whidbey Island No. 103

    Sea Trails Strait of Juan de Fuca & Crescent Lake WA301

    Sea Trails Roadless Coast, Neah Bay to Ruby Beach WA302

    NOAA Cape Flattery No. 18485

    Green Trails Olympic Coast Beaches No. 99S
  • See full route/place details.
Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Here is my personal/group Launch Readiness checklist. Plan on bringing almost everything: including a helmet. Night/Extra gear listed encouraged but optional.


Leader Readiness:

  • Are YOU the Leader ready? 
  • Are dry-side backup contact(s) aware of group's plan?
  • Start with Intros and Welcome!

Conditions/Venue Check-in:

  • Are ROUTE / TIMING / LANDING POINTS known to all, including any backup routes? 
  • Engage group to verbalize how each of these Conditions are forecast to change throughout the day: 
    • WIND (direction, gusts); WEATHER (temp, sun/clouds, rain); WAVES (Swell, Tides, Currents)

Individual Gear:

  • BASICS: Kayak, Paddle, PFD, Dry/Wet Suit, Skirt, Paddle Float, Pump, Sponge
  • SAFETY: Whistle, VHF Radio
  • HEALTH: Sun Hat/Helmet, Sunscreen, Gloves, Sunglasses, Warmth (e.g. Storm Cag), First Aid kit
  • NAVIGATION: Watch, Chart, Compass
  • SUSTENANCE: Water, Energy Bar, Fruit, Nuts, Protein (Cheese/Other), Chocolate, Starch, Ginger
  • REPAIR/TOOLS: Knife, Fire Starter, Duct Tape, Pliers, Straps, extra Hatch Cover plastic, TP.

Group Gear:

  • GROUP SAFETY: # Tow Ropes? # Extra Paddles? # Repair kits? # Diaphone/Fog Horns?
  • GROUP HEALTH: for Hypothermia 
    • MIN: (Warm Hat, Gloves, Mylar Wrap, Down/Warm Coat)
    • MAX: + (Clothes change, Tarp Wrap / Bivouac, Sleeping Bag, Shelter, Hand Warmers)
  • VHF RADIOS: checked working; on Channel 69 and/or Channel 14 (VTS) as needed (5A N. Puget.
  • NIGHT/EXTRA: Flashlight, White/Night Light, inReach/EPIRB type device, Flares

Fitness Check-in:

  • Anyone with injuries, hypoglycemia/diabetes, heart or other issues the group should be aware of?
  • Ask if anyone had TOO LITTLE sleep or TOO MUCH to drink last night.
  • Who is First Aid trained (e.g. WFA, WFR, Nurse, Doc)?


  • Have fun, safely! Achieve the objective if possible. Come back friends!

Final Questions/Reminders:

    • What are the biggest Risks? Everyone is responsible for 360 Awareness - not just leader(s).
    • CLAP: Communic. (e.g. Paddle Signals); Line-of-Sight; Awareness/Avoidance; Position of most use
    • Verbalize group count. Zippers zipped? Check other’s boats; hatch covers tight? Skegs deployable?
    • Stay attuned to changing EXTERNAL conditions; and everyone’s INTERNAL health/tiredness.
    • Enjoy every moment in the paradise we frolic…   


Trip Reports