Frontcountry Trail Run - Snoqualmie Valley Trail


Frontcountry Trail Run - Snoqualmie Valley Trail

Combo trail jog and hike, for hikers and urban walkers who would like to try a slow (SLOW!) run on terrain with very minimal elevation gain, with the ability to switch to hiking if/when winded. 5 miles - 300 feet elevation gain - combo slow jog and hike for many ability levels. If you were ever curious about trail running but intimidated, this is the trip for you!

  • Easy
  • Easy
  • Mileage: 5.0 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 300 ft
  • High Point Elevation: 816 ft
  • Pace: combo slowest run/hike

Meet at 5:30 pm at entry point off SE Tanner Road. There is a small parking area for about 8 cars. Following introductions, description of route and current trail conditions, plan to start running at 5:30 pm. No bathroom at starting point or anywhere on route, alhough privacy off-trail at many points. No passes required.

Starting point coordinates: 47.47580, -121.74678

Join us for an intro to trail running (really, trail jogging at a slow pace) on the perfect trail to see if this is for you! The Snoqualmie Valley Trail is wide, gravel 95% of the time, and is mostly a 1.5-2% grade in terms of elevation gain. No part of this trail from where we are starting is even moderately steep!

The plan is for everyone to start at a really slow jog. After 1 mile, we will have 1 leader continue on with those who wish to keep jogging at a slow pace, while the other leader will transition to hiking for the others. (If we are able to get a 3rd leader, we will do the same thing at 1 1/2 miles or 2 miles with the group that continues jogging at 1 mile.) We will all regroup at the half-way point, rest for a bit, then turnaround and start to jog again - slightly downhill! Same plan - after 1 mile of slow downhill jogging, the group will break up again as before. We will reconvene at the trailhead for a group discussion, feedback, and suggestions on what the leaders could do if we schedule this type of activity again.

Both of the leaders, Brad & Kelley, have been led many trips for the Foothills GoHike course. The whole purpose of this trip is for hikers and urban walkers to experience trail running on a trip that maximizes the chance of a great outcome: slow pace with the option to start hiking after 1 mile, minimal elevation gain, time of day where most of the trail will be in the shade, and with leaders who want the group to be successful regardless of their abilities!

To understand if you will be successful on this trip, start a hike on a flat surface...can be road. Start jogging at the slowest pace which would actually be considered a jog. If you can sustain that for 1 mile, join our trip! (If you are an experienced trail runner, this is almost certainly not the trip for you!)

For a complete description of  trail running with the Mountaineers, please consult the Trail Running Standards.

Click here for Gaia route. Elevation is not correct...should be 300 feet of gain.

Click here for City of Duvall trail map.

Full details will be soon after registration closes on May 28. In the interim, please contact the leader with any questions at


Snoqualmie Valley Trail

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Please wear layers of breathable, technical clothing suitable for outdoor aerobic activities for this course's activities.

  • Waterproof jacket, hat, buff, gloves, sunglasses
  • Trail running shoes or sneakers that have decent tread
  • A small day pack suitable for trail running
  • Bring snacks and water
  • Trail running-adapted ten essentials
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