Methow Valley Winter Trails


Cross-country Ski - Methow Valley Winter Trails

Explore the interesting trails around Mazama within the Methow trail system. Slower paced, shorter distance option for Winter Trails weekend

  • Easy/Moderate
  • Moderate
  • Mileage: 8.0 mi

9:00 am Winthrop Town Trailhead and Rink (use upper parking lot). Details on how to find the meeting place will be e-mailed to those who register several days before the trip. 

We will carpool from there to the Mazama Trailhead, ready to ski about 9:30 am.

Alternatively, if you are lodging in Mazama or close by you may meet us at the Mazama trailhead at 9:30 am

This is the slower paced, shorter distance cross-country ski option for  Winter Trails weekend.  We will also start from the Mazama trailhead, but stay on the easier trails.  Route planned includes Base Camp, River Run and Early Winters trails for an approximately 8 mile loop.  

 The trails should be well groomed with classic track and skate lane trails.  There may be some small hills that will require wedge brake and turn to descend and herringbone to ascend some sections. A good standard of fitness and stamina is required. This trip is not suitable for first time Nordic skiers: even those with Alpine ski experience. Classic waxless skis preferred, but skating is also an option.

Additional Leader's notes (same as for Chris Ensor's trip)


If you are hoping for a ride to the Methow Valley you will have a better chance if you set your profile to "Open" and provide carpool information such as the area you live in and  locations you can reach by transit to meet a driver.

 BY REGISTERING THIS LEADER CONSIDERS YOU MADE A COMMITMENT TO THE TRIP. It's only good form to cancel in the event of an injury, illness or an emergency. Even if there are people on the wait list it's often difficult to move them up close to the trip date. THANK YOU!


A Methow trail pass is required for everyone 18 years and older. This is $24.00 for an adult day trail pass available from sports outlets in Winthrop, Sun Mountain Lodge or Mazama. For details visit:

Anyone 17 years or under ski for free!

Guests (non members of the Mountaineers) as well as members are invited to sign up in advance for this trip. For visitors either call the Mountaineers Member Services on 206-521-6001 or visit click on "join" on the top right hand corner, then select GUEST ADULT FREE and follow the steps.  

This trip is part of the Mountaineers Winter Trails Month. For full details of all activities visit: and click onMethow Valley Winter Activities  

This is one of a month-long series of activities in different locations that the Mountaineers and partner organizations are planning

The Methow Valley is roughly 250 miles and 4 - 5 hours from Seattle. Make a weekend of it and stay in Winthrop or elsewhere in the Methow Valley on Jan. 5 & 6. There will be lots to do!

The North Cascades Mountain Hostel provides friendly budget lodging in the center of Winthrop with a 10% discount for Mountaineers members. Visit their website to reserve a bed:

Other Lodging:

Use these websites to find other lodging options in inns, B&B, cabins & houses in and close to Winthrop: and


. Some lodging providers require 2-day minimum stay at weekends:

 For the Sunday morning Jan. 7 there will be an opportunity to take either my or Chris Ensor's half day ski trips in the Sun Mountain area (please register separately for one of these trip), book a lesson to improve your classic skiing or perhaps try a new ski activity like skating with one of the two ski schools in the Methow Valley.

 Contact Linda for more details:


Methow Valley Winter Trails

  • Green Trails Sun Mtn/Methow No. 83S

    Green Trails Doe Mtn No. 52

    Green Trails Mazama No. 51

    MVSTA Trail Maps (see Land Manager)

    Green Trails Twisp No. 84

    Green Trails Buttermilk Butte No. 83
  • See full route/place details.
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Required Equipment

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