Methow Valley Winter Trails

Enjoy 120 miles of world class trails in the peaceful and scenic Methow Valley. The trail system is divided into four areas, all connected by the Methow Community Trail, which includes a suspension bridge crossing the Methow River. The ski and snowshoe opportunities are endless!

on the trail

Methow Community Trail

g-xc3 intermediate groomed cross-country ski

The Methow Community Trail links the towns of Winthrop and Mazama and includes the 275-foot Tawlks-Foster Suspension Bridge over the Methow RiverConnect to the Sun Mountain trails via Power's Plunge and the Winthrop Trail, and to the Rendezvous Trails via Goat Creek.

Sun Mountain Trails

g-xc2 advanced beginner groomed or g-xc3 intermediate groomed cross-country ski

Home of the oldest and largest cross-country and snowshoe trail network in the Pacific Northwest. It's an ideal destination for families or groups with mixed abilities. Enjoy everything from short rolling loops to long climbs, and the warming hut at the base.

Mazama Trails

g-xc1 beginner groomed or g-xc2 advanced beginner groomed cross-country ski

Lots of trails for beginners learning cross-country skiing. Many trails of machine-groomed tracks over flat and rolling farmland, along the Methow River and through the nearby woodlands.

Rendezvous Trails & Huts

g-xc4 advanced groomed cross-country ski

A more difficult set of trails for the experienced Nordic skier. Enjoy the sun and scenery with views of the North Cascades and the Methow Valley from 4,000-foot high trailside overlooks. Also consider an overnight trip using the Rendezvous Huts.

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  • Suitable Activities: Cross-country Skiing, Snowshoeing
  • Seasons: January, February, March, November, December
  • Weather: View weather forecast
  • Difficulty: G-XC 2 Advanced Beginner Groomed, G-XC 4 Advanced Groomed, G-XC 1 Beginner Groomed
  • 4,000 ft
  • Green Trails Sun Mtn/Methow No. 83S
  • Green Trails Doe Mtn No. 52
  • Green Trails Mazama No. 51
  • MVSTA Trail Maps (see Land Manager)
  • Green Trails Twisp No. 84
  • Green Trails Buttermilk Butte No. 83
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  • Methow Community Trail
  • Sun Mountain Trails
  • Mazama Trails
  • Rendezvous Trails
  • Cassal Hut
  • Gardner Hut
  • Grizzly Hut
  • Heifer Hut
  • Rendezvous Hut

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