Cross-country Ski - Erling Stordahl


Cross-country Ski - Erling Stordahl

This trip will start from the Crystal Springs Sno-park. Due to uncertainties regarding snow conditions and grooming we will need to assess trails and make decisions on our route as we find them. Ideally we will ski some of the green and blue Erling Stordahl Trails, part of the Iron Horse/P2C trail and segments of the Dog Sled Trails. Moderate hills will be included and some of the trails along the 9-10 miles round trip will not have set tracks. This trip is not suitable for beginners.

  • G-XC 2 Advanced Beginner Groomed
  • Moderate
  • Mileage: 10.0 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 300 ft
  • Pace: 2.5 mph average moving speed

We will meet to ski at Crystal Springs Snopark ready to ski out at 9am.

Those wishing to carpool up to the snopark can make arrangement together. I am willing to carpool from the North Bend Safeway meeting at 8:15am. All vehicles taken to the snopark require a WA State snopark permit with groomed sticker.

Full details of each location will be provided by email at the time registration closes.


This trip will start from the Crystal Springs Sno-park. If snow conditions permit, we will ski round some of the green and blue Erling Stordahl trails. We will then cross to the Iron Horse/P2C Trail and include sections of the road towards Meany Lodge and the Dog Sled Trails. A significant part of our route will not have set tracks and the grooming schedule can be a bit unreliable at this time of year.  There will be hills to manage as well as flat sections. In all, this trip is planned as an up to 10 miles round trip with 300 ft. gain at an average moving speed of 2.5 mph.

 The trails should have been groomed early morning but this cannot be guaranteed. Conditions may be a bit icy early on but will likely soften later and may even be very soft in places. 


To join  this trip you should be able to balance on skis, kick and glide at a moderate pace, snowplow, brake to a stop, have good stamina, and know how to ski up and down hills including negotiating turns.  You should be comfortable skiing on trails that may not have recently been groomed and do not have set tracks.

Due to the touring nature of this trip all who register should be committed, excepting any injury or other unforeseen incident, to the whole trip. This trip is not suitable for beginner skiers.

If you are uncertain of your ability and stamina to manage this trip as I have described it please contact me to discuss further.


Classic skis are required with or without metal edges that are not wider than 70mm to fit into set tracks. Also, please don’t forget that for all ski trips unless otherwise stated Mountaineers are expected to bring the 10 Essentials.  


A place is available on this trip for a skier considering becoming a leader who  wishes to acquire some leadership experience. Please contact me if you are interested.


Full details will be emailed once registration closes on March 6 at 5pm. In the interim please contact me with any questions: Chris Ensor (he/him)


Erling Stordahl

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Required Equipment

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