Cross-country Ski - Erling Stordahl


Cross-country Ski - Erling Stordahl

Registration priority given to Olympia 2023 XC Course students until February 12. Beginner Loop, Troll Bridge Loop and Ehrling Berg Forest Loop, some of the Sled Dog trails.

  • G-XC 2 Advanced Beginner Groomed
  • Easy
  • Mileage: 6.0 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 100 ft
  • High Point Elevation: 2,480 ft
  • Pace: 3 mph, enough to get some glide

9:00 at North Bend Safeway shopping center, by the tall sign that says "Safeway" and "O'Reilly Auto Parts" for rest stop and carpooling; then at 10:00 a.m. ready to ski at Crystal Springs Sno-Park Non-Motorized lot, first parking lot on left as you enter the Sno-Park.  Park across from the porta-potties.  

Mike Forsyth is mentored leader.  Karen Pyle is co-leader.  Ehrling Stordahl has groomed trails, some with set track.   Expect 3-4 hours on the trail including a lunch stop.  Temps here are often near-freezing, so be sure to pack rain gear.  No cotton clothes, please.   Terrain is easy, but some ability with basic skills is needed.   Not suitable for those who have no cross-country skiing experience.   If you haven't recently skied on the equipment you plan to use, please contact leader to discuss.  Please email leader if unsure or any questions. 


Erling Stordahl

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

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