Bikepack - Tolt Pipeline


Bikepack - Tolt Pipeline

By popular demand a week-end day training ride on the famous Thrilla gravel route! Leader's permission required. See leader's notes.

  • Strenuous 3, Technical 1
  • Challenging
  • Mileage: 22.0 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 1,750 ft
  • Pace: 10 mph

10 AM at  Woodinville Athletic Fields parking lot near the port-a-potties right off the Sammamish River Trail


This is a very popular gravel training ride that some of the leaders have been doing for a long time as an evening training ride.  Gravel bikes preferred. Mountain bikes also work.

There are several of our participants who are very interested to learn the route to continue training on their own so I am offering this day trip is an opportunity for these folks to get to know it with some supportive leaders on a week-end day with less time constraints.  STILL,  this is a strenuous ride with several steep hills (up to 16% grade) and lots of elevation gain in a relatively short distance so some basic fitness is required for a successful and enjoyable experience to be had by all.  Some short hike-a-bike are also possible for some. A link to the basic version of this ride is here.  We will do this counter-clockwise. Some variations with some easy single-track possible if there is interest and consensus in the group

All grads, equivalent and students in the 2024 course are welcome to apply for permission, but please state the following in your permission request:

1. What bike do you plan to ride (Mountain Bike, Gravel Bike, maker/model, aprox year). ROAD bikes  and bikes with tired less then 38 mm) excluded.

2. What rides have you done in the last 4 weeks of similar distance and what was their elevation gain.    If you do not use any tracking, then list :

Ride description (road/gravel/singletrack), elevation gain and distance

Additionally, you can link a strava profile if you are on Strava or RidewithGPS or other online tool you might use for tracking.

If you have not been riding your bike on a regular basis, this is NOT the ride for you YET.  You should start with easier rides on your  own or look for postings for easier training rides.

A detailed email will be sent to registered participants bu June 1st.

SEE Required Equipment!

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Gravel Bike (preferred) or Mountain bike

Bike Helmet

Sunglasses/eye protection

Biking gloves

Complete bike repair kit including pump and spare tire if riding tubed tires or tubeless repair kit)

Bike shoes or whatever shoes you like to ride in

Ten Essentials (including water, food for 3+ hours or riding, layers, personal first aid, sun protection)

Trip Reports