Osceola-Carru-Lago-Blackcap-Lost Traverse


Alpine Scramble - Pasayten Outing

A multi-day Pasayten Wilderness peak bagging trip north of Harts Pass. Possible summits are Lake, Lane, Lost, Ptarmigan and Blackcap peaks.

  • Strenuous 5, Technical 5
  • Challenging
  • Mileage: 61.0 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 17,000 ft

TBA:  We will pick the best 5 of the 6 day window.

This will be a tough trip - be prepared for a multi-day effort!  But we will be visiting remote areas close to the Canadian border.  Beginning at Harts Pass, a possible itinerary might be:

Day 1 to camp 1 at Lake Doris; nice swimming!
Day 2 to Ptarmigan via carru/lago col, and back to Shellrock pass area.
Day 3 to Lost peak, and on to camp at Lake of the Woods (more swimming).
Day 4 Lake peak, and back to Shellrock pass, and tag Blackcap. Camp back at Lake Doris
Day 5 hike out.
Please let me know which trips of a similar nature you've done before;  not a good trip for new scramblers!

Osceola-Carru-Lago-Blackcap-Lost Traverse

  • Green Trails Pasayten Peak No. 18

    Green Trails Washington Pass No. 50

    Green Trails Billy Goat Mountain No. 19

    USGS Mt Lago

    USGS Lost Peak
  • See full route/place details.
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Required Equipment

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