Low Impact Recreation eLearning Course - 2024

Environmental Awareness Course

Test your Low Impact Recreation Skills eLearning Course

This course will walk you through four Low Impact Recreation skills videos that outline easy-to-implement skills you can use any time you go outside. After each video, you’ll be asked a few questions to reinforce the skills you learn.

We encourage members to take our Low Impact Recreation eLearning course to learn how to lessen your impact while out on the landscape and bolster your knowledge of Leave No Trace principles. 

This course takes about 45 minutes to complete.  To receive the Low Impact Recreation badge, you will need to watch all the videos and pass the quiz modules with a score of at least 80%. You will be given the opportunity to retake the quiz as many times as you wish. 

Login instructions can be found in the course materials section of this page once you sign up. Please let us know if you experience technical difficulties while attempting to sign up or take this course. Questions or comments can be sent via email to elearning@mountaineers.org.

Badges you will earn:

Course Requirements

This course has no scheduled activities.

Required Equipment
  • A computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • A stable internet connection.
Course Materials