The Mountaineers

Join The Mountaineers to explore, learn about, and conserve the land and water of the Pacific Northwest. A nonprofit outdoor community led by volunteers.


Find your next adventure hiking in a rain forest, climbing an iconic peak, paddling the Puget Sound, enjoying a quiet winter trail, or traveling the globe.


Find courses, activities, and resources to learn about outdoor adventure and getting outside safely and responsibly.


Help us protect our beautiful outdoor playground. Learn more about responsible recreation. Get involved with our conservation efforts.


Share your skills and knowledge with others. Introduce kids and adults to the outdoors and give back to our community. Find helpful tools for leaders.


Explore opportunities for young people to find outdoor adventure and learn new skills with our youth, teen, and family programs.


Join a community of outdoor enthusiasts eager to explore. Support our mission to get more people outside. Learn about membership, benefits, and ways to get connected.


View our upcoming featured events and find links to events at our branches and program centers.


Keep up to date with the latest news and information in The Mountaineers' official blog.


We are a community built around passion for the outdoors. For over 100 years, we've been teaching skills, sharing adventures, creating volunteers, and conserving land.


Whether you're into outdoor activities, living a healthy lifestyle, or becoming a good steward of the environment, Mountaineers Books has the information you need.


Your support will enable and inspire all people to get outside, connect with the natural world, and engage in its stewardship and protection.

Latest Updates from the Blog

Latest Updates from the Blog

Keep up to date with the latest news and information in The Mountaineers' official blog.