Mountaineers Adventure Club - Seattle - 2022

Youth Program

Mountaineers Adventure Club

The Adventure Club is a year-round outdoor adventure program for youth of ages 14-18.

We offer scholarships! To apply for assistance from our scholarship funds, click here.

The Club

The Mountaineers is proud to host an Adventure Club in Seattle and Tacoma. The Adventure Club is a year-round outdoor adventure program for youth of ages 14-18. Currently youth from more than 15 high schools - from Everett to Issaquah and West Seattle to Tacoma - make up our Seattle and Tacoma Clubs. Members meet multiple times monthly to plan outings, learn skills needed to participate, and go on trips. 

The youth members plan all of their outings, with guidance from adult advisers. From single-day outings to week long camping trips, activities have included rock climbing, backcountry skiing, backpacking, hiking, car camping, snow-cave camping, cross-country skiing and mountaineering. While attendance at all meetings and trips is not required, the more meetings and outings you attend, the more you get out of the program!


MAC membership is $1,850  annually for students joining in the fall. Students joining in the winter will be prorated. Members will have the option of paying up front or paying the annual fee in a series of installments. This is an annual club.

To join, members must pay the 1st of 4 installments (non-refundable) by October 31. They do so by using this website page to register. Be aware that the price displayed on this page is the price of the 1st installment and that the program costs $1,850. Interested members will have the opportunity to join in on at least one meeting and trip before paying and committing.

We offer financial assistance! To apply for financial assistance click here.



For those who were a part of the youth clubs during the 2020-2021 program year, pre-registration will open on October 1. Make sure you have responded to the survey and contacted Carl to be offered a spot. On October 15 at 7am, registration will  open to everyone else on a first come first serve basis. Here is a video that demonstrates the registration process both for the club as a whole and for individual trips. Note: The video shows the Junior MAC course, but the process is the same for all of our youth clubs. 


To register for the Seattle MAC Kick-Off Trip, visit the activity page for that trip which is listed as a stand-alone seminar in order to allow prospective members to register. 

Register here for the Kick-Off Trip on September 18-19.


To register (or cancel) for trips, make sure to always do it from THIS PAGE. Here is a video that demonstrates the registration process both for the club as a whole and for individual trips.

  1. Click on "Manage Registration" on the right side of this page
  2. Check the box(es) of the trip(s) you'd like to register for
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click "save"
  4. Double check what you are signed up for by viewing the "my activities" section of your profile. 


If it's not letting you register your child: check to make sure your child's "Youth Information Form" and "MAC Program Form" are filled out on their profile, accessible via the "youth forms" tab.

If it's not letting you register as a chaperone: check to make sure your Mountaineers waiver is filled out on your profile and that you still have your QYL badge and/or QYL: Teen Clubs  badge (expires after 3 years).


We are not requiring you to be vaccinated to be a part of the club, though various trip leaders might require it. If you'd like to learn more about our COVID guidance within the youth programs at at The Mountaineers, please check out our Guidance Document.


Check out the "Program Materials" tab to find additional resources including the handbook, reimbursement form, general gear lists, trip leadership resources, and more!

Program Requirements

This program has no scheduled activities.

Required Equipment

Each trip will have a "trip sheet" containing a schedule, driving directions, route information, and a detailed packing list. Packing lists are also available anytime on individual activity pages. Climbing gear is available directly to MAC students via the MAC manager, most other gear must be requested through through the Gear Library

Program Materials

You must register for this program to see program materials.