Mountaineers Adventure Club - Seattle - 2018/2019

Youth Program

Mountaineers Adventure Club

The Adventure Club is a year-round outdoor adventure program for youth of ages 14-18.


Monthly Update - June

Please read this description in its entirety before registering.

NOTE:  MAC membership is $1650 in total for the year. A $300 deposit is required and the remainder can be paid in full or in monthly installments.

We offer financial assistance! To apply for financial assistance click here.

The Mountaineers is proud to host an Adventure Club in Seattle and Tacoma. The Adventure Club is a year-round outdoor adventure program for youth of ages 14-18. Currently youth from more than 15 high schools - from Bellingham to Issaquah and West Seattle to Tacoma - make up our Seattle and Tacoma Clubs. Members meet monthly to plan outings and learn skills needed to participate.

The youth members plan all of their outings, with guidance from adult advisers. From single-day outings to week long camping trips, activities have included rock climbing, whitewater rafting, hiking, car camping, snow-cave camping, cross-country skiing and mountaineering. While attendance at all meetings is not required, the more meetings and outings you attend, the more you get out of the program!

Program Requirements
Program Activity Date Availability Leader
Seattle MAC - Backpacking Trip (optional)
Black Lake
Sat, Nov 9, 2019 -
Sun, Nov 10, 2019
Registration closed Nov 7
4 participants
1 instructor
Required Equipment

Different trips require different gear. With a few exceptions, all gear is available to be borrowed from the Mountaineers.

A complete list of gear required for different trips and it's availability to be borrowed can be found here. 

Program Materials

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