Seattle MAC - Summer Trip!

Youth activity: Mountaineers Adventure Club

Seattle MAC - Summer Trip! - Squamish

Each year, MAC goes on a 10-day long car camping, rock/alpine/glacier climbing, hiking, backpacking, and car camping extravaganza that is our biggest trip. It serves as a capstone to the year and provides everyone an opportunity to enjoy the community and skills they've developed over the year. Everyone is welcome to join and certain activities have prerequisites, see leader's notes for details.

  • Mon, Jul 8, 2024 — Thu, Jul 18, 2024
  • Seattle Youth Outreach Committee
  • Youth
  • Rock Climb
  • Youth, Families, Adults
  • Crag Rock Climb
  • Moderate

Plan on departing Monday 7/8 and returning Tuesday 7/18.

Updated information for this year's trip to come, but you can reference the information from LAST YEAR'S TRIP BELOW:

The summer trip is MAC's final group trip and our biggest production of the year. Everyone participates in the planning and production of this trip. Student leaders, as well as general members, will help choose activities, make plans for them, make meal plans, cook those meals, prepare and pack gear, manage the gear during the trip, and support each other in a variety of ways. 

Prerequisites for everyone: Attendance at the climbing 101 workshop and competency with lead climbing/belaying and the lead belay badge, at minimum. 

For multi-pitch; Attendance at all the rock climbing workshops and the Leavenworth multi-pitch and successful completion of a multi-pitch there with good feedback from volunteer instructor(s). 

For alpine: Same as multi-pitch, plus the WFA badge.

For glacier: All the prerequisites for alpine, plus the prerequisites for and including snow 2 field trip.

Required Equipment

Required Equipment


10 Essentials

  •         Food (plus extra just in case)
  •         Water (plus extra just in case)
  •         Extra clothes
  •         Shelter (emergency blanket)
  •         First Aid Kit
  •         Sunscreen, SPF lip balm & Sunglasses
  •         Map & Compass
  •         Repair kit (pocketknife, duct tape)
  •         Firestarter
  •         Headlamp/flashlight (and extra batteries)

Day Trips

  •         Lunch
  •         Water
  •         Day Pack
  •         Hiking boots
  •         Toilet paper/WAG bag


  •         Lunch
  •         Mess kit
  •         Sleeping bag
  •         Sleeping pad
  •         Tent (with rain fly, ground cloth, stakes)
  •         Camp chair
  •         Tarps
  •         Camp Shoes
  •         Toiletries

.      Headlamp 


  •         Underwear
  •         Long underwear (top & bottom)
  •         Zipoffs/athletic pants
  •         T-shirts (non-cotton)
  •         RAIN GEAR- always
  •         Fleece/softshell pants
  •         Fleece/softshell/down heavy coat
  •         Liner socks
  •         Wool or fleece outer socks
  •         Warm hat
  •         Neck Gaiter/scarf
  •         Sun Hat
  •         Bandanna/handkerchief


  •         Water filter/iodine tablets
  •         Bearproof food containers or rope & bags for food hangs
  •         Overnight backpack
  •         Pack rain cover
  •         Trekking poles

Rock Climbing

  •         Helmet
  •         Harness
  •         Rock Shoes
  •         Belay Device
  •         Carabiners (locking)
  •         Personal Anchor
  •         Webbing/runners
  •         Belay gloves
  •         Large Day Pack (that can hold your stuff plus a rope)


  •         Camera
  •         Book
  •         Playing cards/other games
  •         Swimsuit
  •         Bug repellant
  •         Watch
  •         Money for food
  •         Clean Clothes for the car ride
Trip Reports