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Mini Mountaineers

The Mini Mountaineers is a community of families exploring together to inspire a love for the outdoors in the future stewards of our planet. Join your little one for nature-based activities and meet like-minded outdoorsy families!

about mini mountaineers

Mini Mountaineers is designed to get kiddos ages 2-5 and an accompanying adult interacting with nature together, fostering the next generation of environmental stewards. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, babysitters, friends...let us do the planning to get you and your little one outside together with fellow outdoorsy families!

The Mini Mountaineers host meet ups at Seattle parks and nature-based activities.

  • On nature walks we listen for birds, splash in a creek, play in the sand, look for bugs,...and enjoy being surrounded by nature! 
  • Each activity has a different educational theme, such as leaves falling, snow, and colors in nature. Join us for activities, crafts, and stories relating to each theme to make learning fun.


Mini Mountaineers 2019/2020 registration will be open in the fall. Please check back in September for upcoming events and programs. Looking forward to exploring with the Mini Mountaineers again soon! 


Email Katie Love at

    Program Requirements

    This program has no scheduled activities.

    Required Equipment
    • Layers
    • Water bottles
    • Walking shoes
    • Snacks
    • Camera
    • Smiles!
    Program Materials

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