Climbing Skills Series #2 [OPTIONAL] | Lead Climbing

Youth activity: Youth Clubs Parent Skills Series

Climbing Skills Series #2 [OPTIONAL] | Lead Climbing - Mountaineers Seattle Program Center

Part 2 of 6 [OPTIONAL]. Clubs parents will be learning and practicing lead climbing. (PM Session)

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  • 12 - 230PM
  • Meet in Goodman

This is a 5 part climbing skills series for clubs parents with an optional 6th session. To participate in the skills series we require that you attend ALL of the required climbing skills workshops since they build on each other. 

Please review the resources here in the Google Classroom (link can also be found under "Program Materials" on the course page). We encourage you to practice these skills between sessions with fellow parents taking the skills series. Reference the program center calendar to see if the north or south plazas are available for practicing.

Each date listed below will have a morning (9–11:30am) and afternoon (12–2:30pm) session, so choose whichever timeframe works best with your schedule for each workshop.


  • [Jan 21]: Lead Belaying
  • [Feb 3]: Lead Climbing (optional)
  • [Mar 3]: Anchors
  • [Apr 13]: Setting a Top Rope
  • [May 5]: Cleaning
  • [Jun 8]: Culminating Skills Session


students will earn:


Mountaineers Seattle Program Center

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

If you have your own gear, bring it. It's best to practice with what you have since that is what you'll have when you go outdoors on your own. You should bring all of your gear to each session; it's good practice to always be prepared just like when in the outdoors. But if you don't have the following gear, that's okay; we will have it for you to borrow.

  • Harness
  • Climbing shoes
  • Belay device (Grigri)
  • Cordalette/anchor building material
  • Extra carabiner or two
  • Prussik
  • Personal anchor
  • Quickdraws
  • Helmet (optional; only required for when we're working on the top of the South Plaza wall)
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