Conditioning Hike

Field trip: Alpine Scrambling Course

Conditioning Hike - Mount Si Old Trail

Scramble conditioning hike

  • Strenuous
  • Challenging
  • Mileage: 7.0 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 3,300 ft

9:30 AM Little Si Trailhead

This trip is one of a series of hikes for scramble course students to work on their conditioning, explore the foothills peaks and become better acquainted with the other students and scramble community members. These conditioners are also a great way to test out your gear in the field.

This trip is not a scramble and does not count toward graduation. Each student must do one conditioning trip that is listed with the course, and we strongly encourage you to sign up for hikes and other conditioning activities with the Mountaineers.

Depending on our ability to recruit leaders for these hikes, there might be more than one hike listed per day OR the group might be split into two separate parties, one faster and one slower.

Destinations might be one of these locations:

  • Mt Si - via the standard trail.
  • Mt Si - via the "old" trail that starts at the Little Si trailhead
  • Mt Tenerife
  • Mailbox Peak
  • Mt Washington
  • Rattlesnake Mountain
  • Tiger Mountain 1 from Issaquah High School (3000' gain/5 hours)
  • West Tiger 3 via any of a myriad of trails
  • Others?

Mount Si Old Trail

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

This is not a scramble, so helmets, ice axes and harnesses are not required however for conditioning you should carry all the gear you will be taking on a scramble trip. This includes helmet, ice axe and hasty harness.

Everything else you would bring on a regular scramble course is required including the 10 essentials, rain gear and extra clothes.

This is a great time to test our the boots you are planning to use during the scramble course for fit and comfort. If you do not have those boots yet sturdy hiking boots will suffice for now.

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