Pool Practice


Pool Practice - Shelton Pool

Relaxed, fun two hours of practicing strokes, rescues, rolls etc. 2:00pm to 4:00pm. $15. Boats must be well cleaned at home; no water outside pool. Option of dinner after at Mexican restaurant.

  • Sea Kayak I/II
  • Casual

Meet at Shelton High School at  3737 N.Shelton Springs Rd.  Enter at the driveway immediately next to the football/soccer field.  Drive straight back, past the stop sign . Turn left at the end of the island towards a building labelled "pool".  Others will be unloading their boats.  After unloading, park in any designated parking area.

Any questions, call Robin at 360-701-5877

This is a fun time where people often help each other work on skills.  People wear anything from thin wet suits to just shorts/shirt and PFD (to simulate reality).  There are locker rooms with showers.  

Afterwards, if people want to, we can meet at a nearby Mexican Restaurant which comes recommended.  Let Robin know if you are interested so I can reserve a table. 

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Bring your CLEAN boat, nose plugs or mask, towel etc.

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