Pool Practice


Pool Practice - Shelton Pool

This is a relaxed two hour session to practice skills such as strokes, rescues, rolls etc.. Cost is $15 paid online to the Mountaineers. If you do not have a kayak badge yet, contact the leader. Your boat must be very clean.

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The pool session is from 2:00 to 4:00 so arrive between 1:45 and 2:00 or later. 

Shelton High School is at 3737 N Shelton Springs Rd.  Turn into the driveway next to the football/soccer field.  Drive straight back, past the stop sign and when the drive is about to curve right, look 90 degrees left. You will see a building marked "pool" with others unloading boats.  Pull in there and folks will help you unload.

This is a fun session where paddlers are usually helping each other with skills. Most wear a thin wet suit, but shorts and shirt with the  PFD are fine.  Remember a towel. Some use a nose plug or face mask.   Come have fun.  

Your boat must be clean including the cockpit.  We cant leave any dirt in the pool. There is no hose at the school so do so at home.  Thanks

Pool play fees are $15 for members and guests. (Contact the leader if you have a guest)

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Clean boat , towel, nose plugs, mask 


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