Lecture: Climbing Self-Rescue Classroom Session 1

Lecture: Climbing Self Rescue-1

Lecture: Climbing Self-Rescue Classroom Session 1 - Mountaineers Kitsap Program Center

We will build one Purcell Prusik for each student climber (mid length foot prusik) and practice load releasing hitches and rescue hitches as well as walk thru rescue techniques useful for small party self rescue.

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7PM at the Kitsap Program Center.

Build Purcell Prusiks for each student.

Practice rescue knots and hitches.

Demonstrate raise and lower systems including knot pass on raise and lower.

Demonstrate evacuation techniques - tragsitz and rope litter.

Practice rescue techniques for a small party of at least two rope teams rescuing an injured climber of one of the rope teams.



Mountaineers Kitsap Program Center

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Climbing harness, helmet, comfortable shoes.

6-8 locking carabiners

6-8 non-lockiing carabiners

4-6 alpine draws


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