Alpine Ice Climbing - 2024

Climbing Course

Alpine Ice

Introduction to alpine ice climbing. Learn the skills necessary to swing leads on a 45-60 degree alpine ice route. Kitsap Branch priority (see description).

Prerequisites: Intermediate Leading on Rock module or equivalent, and Intermediate Glacier Travel course.

All roster slots are held for Kitsap Branch participants until June 15th, 2024. Intermediate students from other branches who meet the prerequisites may request permission to sign up beginning on June 15th. 

Kitsap Intermediate students who registered and paid for the Intermediate package should contact the leader directly (at any time) to be added manually to the roster for this module. Please include the year you registered for the package when doing so.

Kitsap Intermediates who are completing the modules á la carte  may sign themselves up (and pay the fee) when the course opens. If you completed Leading on Rock and Intermediate Glacier Travel through our branch, you automatically have permission to register for this module.

This module teaches the skills necessary to swing leads on alpine ice routes typical for the Cascades. This includes:

  • Crampon techniques for ascending and descending on ice
  • Placing ice screws
  • Building v-threads
  • Building anchors on ice
  • Swinging leads on 45-60 degree glacial ice

The module consists of one evening lecture and a two-day FT to the seracs on Mount Baker.


Badges you will earn:

Course Requirements
Course Activity Date Availability Leader
Alpine Ice Lecture
Mountaineers Kitsap Program Center
Thu, Aug 15, 2024
Registration closes Aug 13
8 participants
3 instructors
Alpine Ice 1/2 Combo
Heliotrope Ridge and Lower Coleman Glacier & Seracs
Sat, Aug 24, 2024 -
Sun, Aug 25, 2024
Registration closes Aug 22
8 participants
3 instructors
Required Equipment
  • Everything needed for an alpine rock climb (minus the rock protection), plus
  • Sharp 12 point steel crampons (no aluminum)
  • Conventional ice axe
  • Ice tool(s) (optional); the branch has several sets that can be used on the FT
  • V-thread tool 
  • 4-5' 7 mm nylon cord
  • 2-3 ice screws, including one 22 cm