Alpine Scrambling Course - Kitsap - Class 1

Lecture: Alpine Scrambling Course

Alpine Scrambling Course - Kitsap - Class 1 - Mountaineers Kitsap Program Center

Introductions and definitions. General overview followed by hands on let's get to learning stuff!

  • Casual

9 am to noon at the center, then an afternoon hike at Green Mountain with some basic off-trail terrain by school rock

We have some things to talk about - general definitions and introduction to this thing we call scrambling. But let's move on to get hands on and learning about some of the basic skills too. Students are expected to have already read and studied the material. This makes it possible to move quickly during our lecture times. We look forward to getting everyone out of the classroom and into the mountains! Alas, we must start in the classroom, so let's get to it.


Mountaineers Kitsap Program Center

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

  1. Questions! They're required and important! Bring them!
  2. Any gear you already have. If you're already ready to go, bring your whole backpack packed and ready to go. If you are totally unsure of what that means, that's fine, bring anything you have and lets talk about it and get you sent in the right direction!
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