Scrambling Rope Techniques Workshop


Scrambling Rope Techniques Workshop - View Ridge Playfield

A 2-hour skill check session for members who are actively aspiring to qualify as a scramble leader. After signup, participants must complete 2.5 hrs of video instruction, pass a quiz, and have scrambling knots down pat, to attend this skill check session.

  • Moderate

6:45 PM, View Ridge Playfield, Seattle (near the Seattle PC)

(Parking location = 7130 45th Ave NE, Seattle, WA)

This skill-check session will cover usage of an emergency descent rope (and a few other lightweight pieces of climbing gear) to aid a frightened participant in descent of scrambling terrain.

Prior to the 6/4 skill-check session, participants will need to complete a thorough 2.5 hours of video training, complete a quiz, and have scrambling knots down pat. (This is a skill check workshop; not an introductory instruction workshop.) The video training includes decision-making criteria for determining if the situation & terrain are appropriate for using a rope, alternatives to using a rope, and critical thinking strategies for avoiding usage of a rope.

Leader permission required -- email leader with your background, and where you are at on the path to scramble leader qualification.


View Ridge Playfield

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Boots, diaper harness, locking carabiner, Prussik loop. Bring your rope if you have one.

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