Baker Lodge Friday Night - 8/4/23

Baker Lodge Friday Night - 8/4/23

Welcome Everett Scramblers!


Adult member (age 14+) $30.00
Adult non-member (age 14+) $39.00
Youth member (age 13-) $20.00
Youth non-member (age 13-) $25.00

Meals: Breakfast is included. Dinner is excluded (Friday night only) and lunches are excluded.

Arrival: To get from the parking lot to the Lodge, you will need to walk about 500' on a trail and carry in your gear.

The lodge is a bit hard to find – it’s not visible from the road. Study the map closely (it’s marked on Google maps accurately and shows up on satellite view). If you’re arriving in the dark, you’ll need a light to follow the trail and find the lodge.

Bring: Sleeping bag, headlamp, slippers or indoor shoes

Thank you for your support of Baker Lodge and we look forward to recreating together!


If you have a medical device that requires electricity at night please contact your lodge host for the weekend.

More questions? Please contact your host and read our FAQ