Everest: Expedition to the Ultimate

  • 288 pages
  • Mountaineers Books
  • 978-0-89886-648-3
  • Aug 31, 1999

Paperback / softback
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* Messner is the most highly acclaimed climber in mountaineering history
* Includes updates on recent events plus a history of Everest ascents
* Features full-color photographs

Reinhold Messner, with his partner Peter Habeler, was the first to summit Everest without the aid of supplemental oxygen. In this riveting retelling of that climb, Messner says, "Everest by fair means -- that is the human dimension, and that is what interests me . . . In reaching for an oxygen cylinder, a climber degrades Everest. . . . A climber who doesn't rely on his own strength and skills, but on apparatus and drugs, deceives himself."

In this mountaineering classic, Messner recounts the thoughts of a mountaineer during the climb of his life. Messner's compelling chronicle conveys the exhaustion, despair, and exhilaration of mountaineering in the death zone, interwoven with spectacular color photographs. This edition includes Messner's reflections on the latest Everest disasters. A must-have for any reader of adventure narratives.


  • 288 pages
  • Mountaineers Books
  • 978-0-89886-648-3
  • Aug 31, 1999

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