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Colorado 14er Disasters, 2nd Edition

  • 978-1-937052-36-2
  • Oct 6, 2016


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Paperback / softback
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• Chilling accounts of 14er accidents gleaned from all parties' points of view
• Thoughtful analysis of how events unfolded and why, found nowhere else

The stories in Colorado 14er Disasters, 2nd Edition, trace the disturbing chains of events that have led to horrific accidents on Colorado’s famed 14ers, and the incredibly difficult task of rescue in these remote and sometimes hostile environments.

The drive to summit all of the 14,000-foot peaks in the state of Colorado rages on like a growing wildfire. Summitting a Colorado 14er is an incredibly popular activity, but the ominous potential of a mountaineering accident casts its dark shadow on what is otherwise a positive experience for hikers and mountaineers. This book explores the disturbingly easy ways that hikers become stranded, severely injured, or killed on the 14ers. When those accidents happen, the victim is far from help and in an environment where rescue is difficult at best. Colorado 14er Disasters, 2nd Edition, is an unflinching exploration of these hair-raising events and rescue attempts, and describes mountaineering accidents as no book has ever done previously. This in turn gives any mountaineer helpful information for avoiding such disasters.
  • 978-1-937052-36-2
  • Oct 6, 2016

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