A Thank You to the Mountaineers Foundation

Support from the Mountaineers Foundation has been instrumental to our conservation program over the past few years. Find out how we are protecting the outdoor experience.
Katherine Hollis Katherine Hollis
September 09, 2014
A Thank You to the Mountaineers Foundation

Over the past few years, the Mountaineers Foundation has been an integral supporter of our conservation program, making it possible for us to protect the outdoor experience in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Their support has made it possible for us to uphold a century-old tradition of not only exploring but also protecting the lands and waters of the PNW.

With the Foundation’s support, we have grown our service learning program, run Wilderness Weed Watchers (in partnership with Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest and King County), hosted a public lands internship, and put on events like Community Earth Day in 2011, among many others. This support has made it possible for us to inform, inspire and engage our members and the general public with issues affecting our natural world.

The impact this support has on our programs is perhaps by our members. Here, Seattle Basic Alpine Student Erin M. talks about her experience as a Mountaineers student and the impact our conservation program has had on her time with us:

Since joining The Mountaineers I have had the opportunity to step outside of my day to day life and into some of Washington’s most beautiful places.

I joined the Mountaineers upon returning to the area after three years living in southern California. While I grew up in Washington, going out on a Mountaineers’ trip was like seeing Washington’s environment for the first time with new eyes. The Mountaineers treats nature with reverence and respect not only through their stewardship education, which empowers each individual to be a good steward during their outings, but in all the many ways they teach and practice safe and conscientious interaction with the outdoors.

The old adage out of sight out of mind is all too true when it comes to the conservation and protection of Washington’s very special outdoor places. Having access and seeing these incredible places first hand has made me fiercely protective of them. I feel personal responsibility to protect these places and be a good caretaker, so that I and the many people who travel from all over the world to see them, can continue to enjoy them for many years to come.

I will take many things with me from my Mountaineers experience. Not only will I make efforts to be a good steward of these lands in my personal life but I will contribute to causes that protect these places and engage in policy and politics that progress conservation efforts.

We are grateful to the Mountaineers Foundation for investing in The Mountaineers and for supporting our vision to inspire conservation and stewardship through outdoor adventure.

The Mountaineers Foundation is dedicated passing the best possible environmental legacy to ensuing generations. Working through a volunteer board of directors, the Foundations serves those who are committed to the responsible stewardship and active enjoyment of the beauty and diversity of our natural resources.