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Yakima River: Teanaway River to Thorp

A lazy class II float popular with family boaters. Cold water as it comes out of a dam from the bottom of reservoirs. Most of the run is class I.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Right below the put in there was reported to be lots of dangerous wood in the main channel.  We went right at the first channel about 200 yards from the put in and it was clear. 

    There was a menacing dog at about mile 8 that charged out of the bramble when he saw us. dogs.jpg

We were 3 1/2 hours on the river. The flow was 3,900 CFS.  Our average moving speed was 5.9 mph.  It was 12.9 river miles.  Much different scenery and environs than the Cascades.  We saw a large flock of common mergansers that could walk on water. 

A cliff jumping spot at about mile 9 on river right (47.1138, -120.7195) provided a boost of fun.  Jumps from 5', 10', 20' to 30' feet available. The rock is chossy so best to go up the ravine on the left and then scramble directly across from the top rather than try to climb up. 

Also, just around the bend from the Bucktooth Towers there is a ghost town that some boaters were exploring.