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Wonderland Trail

  • Mon, Jul 27, 2015
  • Wonderland Trail
  • Backpacking

The team starting from Fryingpan Creek, led by Jim Souza, encountered heavy rain all the way up to Summerland. A twenty minute break at the Summerland shelter allowed us to make the necessary closing adjustments before proceeding our hike up to Panhandle Gap. Two rain subsided around two hundred feet above Summerland. We then hiked thru a cool mist over Panhandle Gao and thru Ohanapecosh Park. One mile outside of Indian Bar the clouds lifted and the sun came out to greet us. We met Andy Zavada's group at 1:10pm, approximately .25 miles from Indian Bar. After a short greeting between the two teams, we proceeded to Indian Bar where we took a 45 minute break for lunch. The route from Indian Bar to Box Canyon was full of beautiful views of Mount Rainier and Little Tahoma as the cloud ceiling moved up to over 10,00 feet. Finishing the last seven miles of the hike in sunshine was extremely enjoyable. We were pleasantly surprised The entire route was snow free. My group commented on the fun they had completing this challenging hike.