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Winter Scramble - Thompson Point

Trip to cabin is easy. Beyond that, not so much.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

Note that the trip was listed as "Zorro Point", but we actually went to "Thompson Point".  We started at the new  Granite Lakes trail with the lovely new parking lot complete with restroom.
We followed it past the turn off to Granite Lakes, finally turning off on old logging roads. We cut off the final switchback to travel through small trees uphill to the rustic old cabin. Conditions were good for efficient travel. The snow was firm, not icy, so that our snow shoes gripped well. Once at the cabin, part of our group explored the narrow ridge leading up to Revolution Peak. We turned back at the first steep notch. After lunch we descended by the same route. 4 hours to cabin. 1 hour for lunch and exploration. 3 hours down. 12 miles, 4200’ elevation gain.