Trip Report    

Winter Scramble - Tumtum Peak (winter)

Rainy watershed day, turned into a pleasant off-trail travel day

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The Parking lot was snow free and the drive to the parking lot was also ice and snow free. Toilets were still open.

    The trail was surprisingly snow free (when compared to an October trip in the same trail was snow covered from a mile in) till the offtrail section at 2 miles in 

    Snow at higher elevation was about 2-3 inches making kicking steps sketchy and sliding and making downhill travel, not so friendly

    Snow was wet and heavy (if any present below 4k feet). At higher elevations snow was softer


WE broke off at 2.1 miles from the TH at about 3200 feet, jumped between multiple ridges to take the final steep ascent up. 


Some blowdowns, some elk trails and the sun breaking between the trees once in a while. 


2hrs 20 mins up.  1 hour 10 mins down. 20 mins of breaks