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Winter Scramble - Teebone Ridge/Southwest Spur (winter)

Fabulous day spent scrambling Teebone Ridge.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • No snow encountered until at about 3,200 ft (clearing area). As soon as we re-entered in the forested area passed the clearing we decided to put snowshoes on. Breaking trail was fully on us all way up on the ridge. Snow pack was in perfect conditions until we got up on the ridge where we encountered an alternation of hard packed snow and soft snow, making our progress slower beyond 5000 ft.We noticed a significant fresh avy slide (from the day before down to Monogram Lake) Despite various cornices and variable snow pack conditions we managed to find a safe line to get to our destination point (~6,300 ft). On our way back, removing snowshoes helped on the steepest sections with soft snow (from 5,500 down to 4,800 ft).

Perfect weather window for a Teebone Ridge exploration and a 5,100 ft elevation gain day. We aligned in AM on 1 pm hard stop (for lunch / turn around time) in order to accommodate the schedule of one of the participants who had back to back climbing plans. Ended up spending 45 minutes enjoying gorgeous vistas in the balmy temperatures from a ~6,300 ft point on the ridge.