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Winter Scramble - Teebone Ridge/Southwest Spur (winter)

Christmas Eve Scramble of Teebone Ridge.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Trail was  snow free the first 200-300 ft from TH, then we started to encounter dusty icy patches  until at 2,200 ft  where continuous snow pack started  and soon we had to put our snowshoes on. Breaking trail above 4,000 ft was challenging due to fluffy,  deep snow all way up to the ridge.

Cascade River road was snow free (except a few dusted sections) -- we had no issues getting to TH with one AWD and one 2WD for a party of 6.

 We put snowshoes on after about 1,200 ft elevation gain and they stayed on until we were about 1,000 ft above TH on our way back.

Snow was so fluffy and slowed us down while breaking trail especially above 4,000 ft. We were lucky to be able to follow a trail broken the day before by some Lookout Mountain visitors but from 4,000 ft where we decided to abandon the trail it was totally on us and it took us 3+ hours to only gain 2,000 ft. We made it at about 6,000 ft on the ridge, found a good lunch spot with views and decided to call it good given the time / day light constraints. Even though we didn't make it all the way up, we had a great day, with good views from the ridge, no wind but very cold up high, forcing us to take quick turns for trail breaking.