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Winter Scramble - Snoqualmie Mountain

Avy conditions were low risk, blue bird day, so we started up. The crossing at the river about half way up was a steep down climb across a waterfall that seemed a bit dicey. We hiked back down to towards Guye to a lunch spot In the sun instead of pushing on.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Snow slopes were stable, but had a crust on top with maleable snow below.  Members of the team sunk into a number deep postholes despite the snowshoes. About half way up, there was a steep drop at the river crossing that could result in punching through to the water. The group decided to head back, and hike up towards Guye Peak  for lunch. 

We left Seattle in an inversion with fog in the lowlands, and blue skies in the mountains. What had originslly been scheduled as an ice climb to lane peak became a scramble of Snoqualmie due to the shutdown. We were all happy just for a day out in the mountains and that what we got. We kicked some steps, we broke through some crust in our snowshoes, we decided to turn around when things got dicey, we had a luxiurious sun break for lunch, we plunge stepped thigh deep on the way back. We sweated. That was kinda the point.