Trip Report    

Winter Scramble - Satulick Mountain

Unexpectedly gorgeous weather on this great Winter Scramble workout (~14 miles, ~3800’ gain). The historically most troublesome stream crossing (Pyramid Creek) has a bridge in immaculate condition.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Unseasonably compacted snow conditions owing to the high snow levels (up to ~7000’) and rain over the past week (almost like a late spring trip).  We used micro-spikes to cross Rampart Ridge (except for a few bare sections of trail), with snowshoes donned at Kautz Creek for the remainder of our ascent. Did not bring crampons nor encounter any desire for them.

After crossing Rampart Ridge we finally encountered post-holing snow conditions at about the same time a stunning view of Mount Rainier came along.  Guess it’s time to put on the snow shoes:


Can’t get much better than this bridge over Pyramid Creek…


The Fishers Hornpipe Creek crossing at ~4300’ is beauteous, but the bridge’s downward bend (plus a piece of sprung wood) might suggest a failure in the not too distant future…


… as was the case with the Devils Dream Creek crossing at ~4600’ (the bridge is completely gone).  We were able to easily cross and ascend the far bank on photographer’s left:


Almost there, will the weather hold?


That would be a yes!


A greatly appreciated day in the mountains.  We made great time due to the excellent snow conditions, with 4.5 hours on the ascent and 3 hours on the descent.  Add in a few lengthy breaks and we came up with a total trip time of 8.5 hours.  Photos from this and other trips to this venue can be seen here.