Trip Report    

Winter Scramble - Satulick Mountain

Beautiful - Blue skies day - good workout and some interesting log crossings

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Road was clear-- parked before gate to Paradise. 

    Trail was icy in the first mile (could use micro spikes) - then after comet fall junction - it turned out to be snowshoeing/ booting terrain. 

Glad we had some flagging to cross the wide creek. First ones to break trail here past this point for this season


The sketchy snow bridge which we took on the way up. Doing a cat walk with snowshoes on a slippery wooden bridge, with gushing glacier water below. What could go wrong?.


While some of us crossed the sketchy bridge using foot. Some of us had to scoot over, as cold glacial melt was running below this sketchy bridge


We found a better bridge to cross on the way back, even though the water was strong to cross, but the hand rail made it safer


The first views of the summit in the morning as we cross the creek


Lots of icicles on downed trees and rocks as we get up to 4k feet.


Finding a path of less resistance through the woods to the summit


MAde it to the summit for some stellar views