Trip Report    

Winter Scramble - Ruby Mountain (winter)

The winter route, via Happy Creek. Views are amazing on a clear day!

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • We parked at the Ross Dam Trail TH where there is a large pullout and toilet.  Hwy 20 is gated there until it reopens.51123213555_f8288292d3_o.jpg

A few spent the night at the Ross Dam Trail TH, but most arrived the morning of.  It was a beautiful morning when we departed the parking area around 7am.  We were taking the winter route that largely follows Happy Creek.51121910892_e48067c374_o.jpgWe soon ducked into the woods onto the Happy Creek Nature Trail and took it for about 1.5 miles until we reached the waterfall.  Continuing south, we hit snow around 2800' and followed footprints in the fairly firm snow.  There had been multiple groups on this route the last few days and a few already ahead of us so it was easy following their tracks.
51121847117_d6ec0db368_o.jpgI'm not sure at what elevation we broke out of the trees, but our summit was visible soon after.  We could easily see the weather station tower straight ahead.  Most already had snowshoes on by now although 1 reluctant person waited till now.51121847087_73f2418ba8_o.jpgAnd the views continue on from there.  Looking back at Ross Lake, the dual Hozemean peaks, Desolation Peak and many more.51122323123_c79c5a3692_o.jpgFollowing snowshoe footsteps of several people ahead made our work pretty easy.51122323113_659b0fa499_o.jpgNWAC danger was considerable so we kept a close lookout for avy danger, but this route is actually fairly safe and we were surprised not to see more warnings.  Inked51122420346_87f9ab7ddc_o_LI.jpgJack and Crater Mountain views.51122323758_29d68c4fae_o.jpgSuch an amazing clear day!51121848072_b172c0068f_o.jpgOn the final ridge to the summit.51121848302_5345379261_o.jpgOn the summit and looking SE at the people approaching or departing the ridge.  Ragged Ridge with its 4 peaks consisting of Mesachie, Kimtah, Katsuk and Cosho are straight ahead.51122525381_794faa9ca9_o.jpgSo many peaks!  Glad for my Peakfinder app.51121875212_9e3f610f6c_o.jpg51122350738_047ab6497d_o.jpg51123241705_e1c34125d0_o.jpg51123241615_9c5b72e42a_o.jpgReady to depart after spending a leisurely hour on the summit.51122525991_ba02ff2a7f_o.jpgSome kept their snowshoes on, some did not.  With the snow warming up even more, Dave B led us down a slightly safer route that was east of our ascent route.  Couldn't have asked for a better weather day!51122269729_5de2f08b82_o.jpgMy GAIA reading.51122386398_15b36b4673_o.jpg