Trip Report    

Winter Scramble - Pratt Mountain (winter)

A quick trip up Pratt Mountain in surprisingly good weather.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • I-90 was clear; once we exited the freeway at Exit 47 there was snow on the road but it was easily navigable by 2wd cars. 

Not a lot to say that wasn't already shared in previous trip reports, other than that the forecast showed 60-70% chance of precip and we had mostly clear skies from start to finish. I hope that this encourages fellow scramblers to stay on trips and not cancel last minute when the weather is questionable; it can still be a blast!!!

Car to car in 6 hours, 40 min with a long break at the summit. 11.4 miles, 3185' elevation gain. If anyone is interested in my gps track, feel free to email me at

Used snowshoes, microspikes, and poles. We stayed either in trees or on the ridge line and did not observe any avalanche concerns. We broke a nice trail that a few people followed. As we descended and passed them, they asked where our path went... I guess they were trying to make it to the lake. They got a surprise summit in instead.