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Trip Report    

Winter Scramble - Pratt Mountain (winter)

Reached the summit thanks to a plowed road, early start, and strong group.

  • Snow and ice on road
  • We met at the Issaquah transit center. The security guard said it was ok to park there as long as we were there for just the day.

    The road from I-90 to the Granite Mtn trailhead had been recently plowed, but did have a little snow/ice on it. It was driveable by all vehicles. 

We left the trailhead at 715am via headlamp. A boot/snowshoe trail from the prior weekend was available from the trailhead to Ollalie lake. After the lake, we broke our own trail to the summit. It was strenuous ueo to the deep snow. The "rock" on the ridge was bypassed to the right without too much difficulty, but was the crux of the trip. Reached the top at 1245am. We arrived back at the cars at 500pm. We used snowshoes but did not use ice ax nor traction devices.