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Winter Scramble - Mount Ellinor (winter)

Early start on 4/14 to catch a weather window. Crusty snow/ice up to the top.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • 4 of us met at Hoodsport Grocery at 5am and piled into one car from there. Road was clear to at least the lower trailhead, where we parked. Started up the trail at 6, donned crampons around 4,250 ft due to some pretty slick ice on the trail. Made it to the chute when we realized one of the participants forgot a helmet in the car, so he waited at the bottom of the chute. Remaining 3 of us topped out around 9:30 am right as the weather window we were aiming for started to close.  Back to the cars followed by lunch at Model T. Gaia tracked 4 hours of moving time, 2 of stopped time.

    Notes on the chute:

    There was maybe an inch or inch and a half layer on top of a weaker layer, which was itself on top of a solid stronger layer. The chute recently slid (maybe a week or so) and wind-scoured debris  still littered the  path. High winds once above the protection of the chute and evidence of recent/ongoing wind loading.


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Brian Hill
Brian Hill says:
Apr 15, 2019 06:11 PM

Gaia doesn't know anything about moving time. Best to track it on your own if you track time for conditioning. Nice grab on a crappy weekend.

Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee says:
Apr 16, 2019 11:05 AM

Good to know about Gaia, thanks. The original plan was Cowlitz Gap and Rocks but the weather had other plans.